A penny saved is a penny earned

I know what your thinking, no coin is ever stable…..

Hear me out,

Probably if your reading this you have invested in a crypto or are about to…

Let me just put some food for thought out there, take it or leave it but don’t say I didn’t tell ya so.

Let me explain…as much as I believe people make money with bitcoin and all the alt coins, you really got to buy into all the hype. Some of us don’t do this as a day job. Which means we are not on our computer 24/7. If you are not…

Crypto currencies are used as a form of payment online. This can be for a good or service or simply held for profit.

Each currency is worth different just like USD vs Canadian money.

  1. Some companies use tokens — or in other terms their own currency — that can be specifically traded for the good or service that only they provide. Not a foreign concept since casino’s have been doing that for years with their chips. Many arcades have done this as well and have also gone digital with wrist bands to make it all electronic. NFT’s are the newest form of tokens that are digitizing value as art and investments. Check out BUYINGaNFT.com for this latest craze.

2. The thing that has…

Exploring their uses and purpose 2021

Stable coins are a cryptocurrencies that seems to be forget. Taken for granted, used to buy or sell Bitcoin or Ethereum. Does this make them a good investment, or more of a means to an end?

What makes a coin stable?

In most cases, most stable coins are backed to a widely used FIAT currencies such as the US Dollar, or the Euro. Some are backed by other assets, such as Gold. A lot of FIAT money isn’t really backed by much anymore, but it’s got wide acceptance.

What the value?

The value depends on what it’s backed by, and how it’s backed. This takes some due diligence…

From $0.25 to $0.30 in less than 15 minutes after Musk posted a cryptic tweet

Elon Musk Creating his own currency
Elon Musk Creating his own currency

Elon Musk the $186.8 billionaire amassed from:

Seems to also be leading a new charge into the crypto space recently again with Dogecoin. His tweets have created a $50 billion market cap, as it’s soared by over 6,000% in the last six months. Which seems all to familiar with what happened when he announced Tesla would accept Bitcoin. One post being;

“Going to the moon very soon,” — Elon Musk

After this…

Not everyone is working smarter like you


Basically the goal in life is to make money without really having to strain yourself. If your reading this your on the right track of thinking. Your planning ahead and looking at smart ways to make money.

However nothing worth doing in life is effortless. It does still require research and work upfront. It’s just creating a long term pay off for years to come today. I’m gonna share some of the best ways to get residuals in life with little effort for the years to come.

Creating your own product or paten on something has been a true and…

you just don’t know it.

The Hidden Blockchain

Blockchain technology is used for more than cryptocurrencies. It’s got a surprising number of uses that we are unaware of daily. It’s also got a lot of uses we have yet to discover fully and adapt to it.

Blockchains are decentralized systems which means not any single authority has control. It stores and organizes data and keeps everything secure.

Blockchain technology can be used in other fields for the likes of record management, identity management, supply chain management, peer-to-peer transactions, etcetera.

Let’s start with what are the advantages of blockchain technology. The biggest benefit is that companies can significantly reduce…

Like many people….I’m unsure how I feel about this coin.

It’s clearly getting all the latest attention besides NFT’s so maybe there is something to it.

Have people made money investing into this coin, yes! have people lost money… probably ?

So let’s start with, what does Dodgecoin even look like?

Dogecoin features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo and namesake. It‘s been launched since December 6, 2013, and obviously has a strong community behind it.

It’s much like Litecoin, it’s parent currency and is an altcoin. Dodgecoin however has now seemed…

This is the billion dollar question.

What is a NFT even — It stands for Non-Fungible Token — Translates into it’s not easily exchanged as it’s unique.

Every NFT is essentially a fingerprint on a digital ledger called a blockchain. It tracks and stores all the information of who owns it and who has. It’s a fast network that anyone with internet can view and is decentralized. So some great technology behind it, that has been proven to work with likes of bitcoin currencies.

So far NFT’s have been mainly associated with digital art sales. Something that is pretty speculative…

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